“Skip Trace” is an industry term used to describe the process of locating a subject that cannot be found at their place of residence or usual hangouts. “Skip” refers to the person/entity being search for (derived from the term “to skip town”) and “Tracing” meaning the act of locating the skip.

Skip Tracing is performed by collecting information on the individual or entity in question. All information recovered by the skip tracer is analyzed, verified, and used to determine the location of the individual or entity.

A2Z Legal Pro is proud to offer an extensive selection of skip tracing and locate (MTO) services. Depending on the information you provide to us, we can recommend the best package for your specific needs. We can even locate a subject with just a name!

Our professionally trained research staff are highly experienced and retain some very special licencing to effectively complete your requested trace. We track our results and have always maintained better then a 90% success rate.

Skip Traces are generally completed on the same or following day, and detailed reports are promptly provided. The searches that we conduct are 100% confidential.

Our office deals with many high-profile cases and provides services to the top professionals in the business. We have successfully located thousands of individuals. You can trust in us to provide a timely, cost-effective result.

We would be pleased to offer you a free consultation and course recommendation to achieve your desired request.

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